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The Lincoln Warriors Wrestling Club is a family friendly, winning program built on over 30 years of tradition and commitment. The club is open to all boys and girls ages 4 – 14 years old and their families regardless of what school they attended or city of residence. Warriors Wrestling Club coaches are former wrestlers who volunteer their time and who appreciate the sport of wrestling. These coaches bring a wealth of wrestling knowledge, as well as the patience necessary to motivate newer wrestlers. These dedicated coaches go above and beyond the practice mat to help a Warrior wrestler seek out his potential.

The club has twice weekly practices from late October/early November through late March/early April.  Sessions are offered for both new wrestlers and experienced competitive wrestlers.  Information on specific sessions offered is updated on our web page.

Our Approach

At the Warriors, winning is not the most important outcome. Focus, effort and perseverance are! Wrestlers deal with disappointments, successes, and being pushed to seek new individual goals! This is an aggressive and competitive arena in which we participate.

Warriors are encouraged to look for success in the process as we challenge ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We look forward to the next step of the journey with you and your wrestler!

Success is not a destination, it is a JOURNEY!

Our Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff has the experience and knowledge to guide your wrestler in reaching their goals.  They have helped wrestlers reach the highest levels of success at the youth, high school and collegiate levels of wrestling.  The most important aspect of our coaching staff is their dedication to helping your wrestler improve both on and off the mat.


Practices are held at Lincoln High School in the wrestling room, please enter and exit through Door 29 on the south side of the building.  Please consult the calendar for practice dates and times. Practice attire is comfortable clothes for working out, usually shorts and a t-shirt.  Wrestling shoes are recommended, but not required.  All shoes worn on the mats, MUST NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE!!! No street shoes are allowed on the mats at any time.  Singlets and headgear can be worn for practices, but are not required.


The club participates in several tournaments through out the year.  These tournaments are held at various sites including our own tournament we hold at Lincoln High.  Tournament participation is not required, but is encouraged by the club.


The fees collected help the club pay for, instruction, club insurance, individual AAU membership, participation fees for specific tournaments, club t-shirts, facilities fees and more.   The club is focused on ensuring that every wrestler who wants to participate, can and is willing to make fee arrangements if needed.

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