Huskerland State

Huskerland State

Huskerland State is a statewide tournament that is held at the end of the season each year. The tournament is held in Kearney, at the Buffalo COunty Fiargorunds. The date of the tournament does change, but is usually the last weekend in March. You can find the current information by going to the Huskerland webpage

Huskerland State is run with 8 man brackets, placing the top 4 in each bracket and a champ of champs for bracket winners. The tournament is run over 2 days and wrestlers will compete on just one day.

Participation in Huskerland State with the club is determined on a case by case situation. Generally wrestlers who do not compete in USA Districts will not be asked to participate by the club. This tournament is often the last tournament we participate in as aclub each year and we want our wrestlers to have the best possible experience for the season.

wrestle offs and the dual teams is optional, but highly encouraged. This is often on of the better experiences of our young wrestlers have, as the have the opportunity to wrestle in a dual format and meet and interact with many different wrestlers in our community.




Additional Dual Teams

Occasionally we will form a dual team for an event or competition. These teams are usually cooperative with another team and are done on a more informal basis.